Please read carefully and DO NOT pack any of these items into parcels being sent via Your Freight Agent. If prohibited or restricted items are found in any of the parcels, penalties may be imposed and possibly imprisonment.

All of the items listed below are strictly prohibited from Saudi Arabia customs (الجمارك السعودية) and must never be shipped through our services. Failure to abide with this demand may result in your being prosecuted by the relevant authorities and imprisonment and/or severe fines may arise. In no case will the available insurances cover any of the prohibited items listed below.

  1. Zamzam water/Liquid Items
  2. Batteries (New & Old)
  3. Quran & Islamic Books
  4. Flour Or any Type of wheat/Rice
  5. Children Milk Powder
  6. Gas Cylinder (New & Old)
  7. Cement
  8. Iron Scrap
  9. Steel Crap
  10. Cycle & Dabbab (New & Old)
  11. All Petroleum Products
  12. Water insulation of Asphalt/Bitumen
  13. Used Generators
  14. Puncture Machine
  15. Military & Police Uniform